94 Amitabha’s Gift and a Parable from Padmasambhava

23 Sep 2015

Prior to the meditation, Alan’s final teaching on the text is commentary on pages 198 to 202 of the Dedication chapter. This includes the promise of Buddha Amitabha to take us to the pure realm of Sukhavati when we pray to take rebirth there. We can accept this as a true gift, otherwise we can simply pray for a precious human rebirth. After the meditation, Alan establishes a karmic connection with next year’s 8 week retreat by reading from Naked Awareness by Karma Chagme which will be the text for that retreat. The reading is Padmasambhava’s parable of the prodigal prince. To make meaning of this parable, Alan invites us to meditate in the context of the teachings on this retreat and also to read Padmasambhava’s own explanation which Alan will make available. He then concludes with the wish for us all to be well.

The meditation on the Avalokitesvara sadhana, which starts at 09:57

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