32 Compassion at the Deepest Level

28 Apr 2011

Today’s teaching is presented by Michelle Seaver, guest teacher and student of Alan Wallace, while Alan is out of town for 24 hours. Alan will return to his regular teaching schedule Saturday morning. Michelle Seaver attended one of the first 100-day shamatha retreats with Alan, continued on in a private 18-month retreat, and is now responsible for bringing mindfulness-based education to the Phuket International Academy School (currently K-8, with plans to be PreK-12).

The guided meditation is on compassion at the deepest level - the aspiration to be free of suffering caused by grasping.

The meditation begins at 1:00 in the recording.

Following the guided meditation, Michelle and Nick Seaver, her husband and CEO of the Phuket International Academy who also attended one of Alan’s first 100-day shamatha retreats and followed it with an 18-month retreat, field these questions from the group:

1. Can you tell us about your experience on a long-term shamatha retreat?

2. About the meditation on awareness of awareness: when trying to focus on awareness, I realize that there is another awareness that is focusing on awareness, so this is no longer awareness. Can you help?

3. What is the mission of the mind centre?

4. Is debate, logic, and thinking included in your mindfulness based program in the school?

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