40 Equanimity, Loving-Kindness, and Compassion

03 May 2011

During the first part of this podcast, Alan Wallace guides us through a meditation on equanimity, blending the other immeasurable of loving-kindness and compassion to create a beautiful trio.

The guided meditation begins at 9:48 in the recording.

Following the meditation, Alan speaks freely for a short while and then answers these questions from the group:

1. Can you please comment on forgiveness and the role for apology in the Buddhist view?

2. I’m seeing that I need much more sleep at night here than I do in the outside world, and I’m also napping during the day. Should I go with the flow or try to cut back?

3. Can hypnogogic imagery be useful on the path?

4. What is the Buddhist point of view on out of body experiences?

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