56 Empathetic Joy for the Causes and Fruits of Happiness

12 May 2011

In this session, Alan Wallace guides a meditation on empathetic joy, emphasizing taking delight and joy in both the causes of genuine happiness and the material fruits of this happiness. In his introduction, he also speaks about the importance and meaning of path, and the question of how to develop a deep enough aspiration to clarify this path.

The guided meditation begins at 22:45 in the recording.

Alan then answers these questions from the group:

1. In the awareness of awareness practice, you asked us questions this morning, such as, “who do you think you are?” Should I be taking these questions into a contemplation on the spot?

2. When we meditate on an object for a while, and then after some time we fall away from it, should we use effort to bring the object back, or instead relax and trust that the object will return on its own?

3. The Bodhisattva’s commitment to stay in this world until all beings achieve enlightenment seems like a kamikaze mission… [This question becomes more of a dialogue.]

4. In shamatha, with respect to vipassana, and particularly stream entry, for vipassana to be fully effective, shamatha is required. What does the first jhana bring for more benefit to stream entry, and can stream entry be accomplished without shamatha?

5. At the point of achieving shamatha, what is the heaviness on the head?

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