64 Loving-Kindness and Q&A

17 May 2011

This afternoon we continue with unguided meditations. Alan first reviews the meditation on loving-kindness for others in the tradition of Buddhaghosa, first for oneself, then a dearly loved friend, then a neutral person, and finally a difficult person. Alan also invites us to hold space to see who else might arise and attend to them with loving-kindness.

The unguided meditation begins at 17:40 in the recording, and Q&A begins at 45:30.

This is followed by these practical questions from the group:

1. We have been using the visualization of the orb of light at the heart center. I’m finding that my heart is becoming tender and actually physically sore. I’m wondering if this happens, and whether I might be trying too hard?

2. When balancing earth and sky or earth and wind, do we have to use the infirmary for the earth element, or can we use breathing at the abdomen?

3. Regarding attending to more than one thing at a time. I notice, during meditation, it seems like I am attending to two things at the same time, for example, the breath and a thought. However, I know that it isn’t possible to attend to two things at the same time. So I am curious about the nature of attention, and how it is that I feel like I am both with the breath and with the thought.

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