78 Equanimity and Imperturbability

25 May 2011

This afternoon, Alan Wallace sets up a meditation on equanimity, or uppekha, in two parts. First, bringing to mind situations in our lives that arouse aversion and craving, then imagining maintaining equanimity, and reflecting upon right action in those situations. Second, attending to a wide array of beings with equanimity, allowing the awareness to settle and seeing who comes to mind.

During the opening talk, Alan also reviews the four types of enlightened activity.

The unguided meditation is not included in the recording.

Question and answer begins at 38:14 in the recording.

1. I’m confused about your statement that we go to the substrate consciousness without baggage. Did you mean our baggage is dormant?

2. Can you offer any tips for a distracted mind during meditations on the four immeasurables?

3. I’ve been spending a lot of time practicing on my back, and I think I may need to do this on an ongoing basis. Are there any practices you’ve taught that can’t be done on the back?

4. Can you talk briefly about one’s root guru?

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