41 Awareness of Awareness (4)

30 Apr 2012

Tonight’s practice of awareness of awareness gives our sense of spaciousness a workout. Just as it’s possible for one to be small-minded, where limited perception causes an imbalance in what we take to be important, an expansiveness of awareness and attention can be cultivated giving us greater depth of understanding and openness to the world. The guided meditation instructs us to extend our perception in various directions, taking no object and without visualization.

We’re instructed to keep a correct posture during meditation the same way we avoid falling out of bed while deep asleep, by assigning the task to our body intelligence.

Then a polemic on the topic of non-overlapping magisteria and how it relates to having an expansive mind and genuine well-being in times of adversity.

* The difference between thought and realization.
* Evaluating one’s practice in the moment.

Meditation starts at 13:35

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