53 Settling the mind in its Natural State (3)

07 May 2012

Our lives are saturated with desire for attainments of both a mundane and spiritual nature. While giving priority to a spiritual desire will aid our enthusiasm to practice, it may ultimately be fruitless in the context of multiple rebirths if it is not sustained with visionary motivation such as with bodhicitta. It is this benign form of grasping that provides the continuity of coherence in the long thread in the path to liberation. Alan begins with these lessons of ambition.

Then with the guided meditation we bring our attention to the three knowable aspects in settling the mind in its natural state: the space of the mind, objective thoughts and memories, and subjective feelings that arise in their accompaniment.

* Can the attainment of shamatha be hindered by excessively striving?
* The difference between dzogchen and mahamudra.
* How should one begin a vajrayana practice.

Meditation starts at 39:07

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