65 Mindfulness of Breathing

15 May 2012

Mindfulness of breathing, a active developmental practice, produces skills such as attentional stability which can be said to have a high market value. Likewise, settling the mind in its natural state helps develop such evolutionarily advantageous qualities as the skill to recognize emotional refractory periods. Awareness of awareness, conversely, in its passive method of discovery, has zero hedonic value. What is does provide, with its insight into the substrate consciousness, is a preparation that is useful in confronting death. The core of awareness of awareness is releasing all that is identified with “I” and “mine,” as one probes inward beyond the layers that are eliminated at the end of life.

* The role of introspection in awareness of awareness.
* The value of seeking the agent.
* What is the locality of awareness?
* When body energy arises.

Meditation starts at 38:53

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