69 Settling Body, Speech, and Mind in Their Natural State

16 May 2012

With a new cycle we return to settling the body, speech, and mind in their natural states. In the Vajra Essence, Düdjom Lingpa intimates shamatha can be achieved simply by fully releasing the body, speech, and mind. When we remove all activity, our mind naturally gravitates into alignment, the pranas equalizing into the central channel. But in order to allow this a solid dharma practice alone is not sufficient; we must have a conducive environment, lifestyle, and community. This is especially true when going into a solitary shamatha retreat, which requires having few activities, pure ethics, a release of rumination, and importantly, having few desires and being content (to avoid living the parable of the elephant and the cat).

* The four jhanas and the experiences to expect after attaining shamatha.
* Comparing the bliss of shamatha with that of tummo.

Meditation begins at 30:07
Q&A Begins at 1:09:01

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