77 Settling The MInd in it's Natural State

21 May 2012

In settling the mind in its natural state, by observing mental events without taking interest in their contents we develop a familiarity with their essential nature. By this we receive the benefit of gaining a nonconceptual certainty that nothing in the mind can inflict harm on us, and if strong emotions arise they do not elicit a refractory period. It has also said knowing the essential nature of mental events is the basis for all samadhis.

Before the meditation Alan also gives an introduction to the technique of gentle vase breathing.

* How to analyze the nature of mind.
* Insights in settling the mind in its natural state.
* The mind is not a polygon.
* Maintaining cognizance of awareness in settling the mind in its natural state.
* Having preferences in settling the mind in its natural state.
* Finding the origins of somatic correlates.

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