89 A wellspring of good advice

28 May 2012

Our shamatha practice can help keep us cognitively tuned while back in the big world, even if we can only practice briefly during the day. In times when we are fatigued from stress, full-body awareness in the shavasana pose is the most healing; on brimful days when the mind is agitated, mindfulness of breathing can bring the best benefit; when we’re more relaxed and grounded, settling the mind in its natural state or awareness of awareness can be the tonic that enriches our lives.

Alan gives us ‘le grande tour’ of the paths available in dharma; how buddhahood can be attained by various combinations of realizing emptiness and rigpa, cultivating bodhicitta, samadhi, and different options and complements of the practices.

Silent meditation 45:38

Q&A 01:10:40
* Techniques to calm the pranas in preparation for meditation.
* Distinction between attachment and commitment.
* Drug use for spiritual gain.

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