49 Pointing out the Relative Nature of the Mind

26 Apr 2016

Alan begins by recalling that Panchen Rinpoche presented two methods for dealing with thoughts. One of the methods that Alan didn’t cover yet in this retreat consists in cutting off thoughts as soon as they come up. Hovering in the immediacy of the present moment, as soon as a thought comes up, just deflect it. One moment and it is gone. And then you rest in silence, not waiting and not slacking off, resting in the awareness of being conscious.

The meditation is on Awareness of Awareness.

After meditation we return to the root text and autocommentary by the Panchen Lama. Alan gives the oral transmission and commentary on the text that explains the two methods of dealing with thoughts, namely: (1) Observe thoughts without blocking them and (2) Whatever thoughts come up, cut them off as soon as they arise. In the commentary Alan gives a succinct explanation of the five faults: (1) Spiritual sloth and (2) forgetting the practical instructions, (3) laxity and excitation, (4) non-intervention, and (5) intervention—these are regarded as the five faults. Then Alan continues by explaining briefly the 8 interventions, the 6 powers and the 4 mental engagements (Alan has provided some notes on these that will be posted on the podcast page). Extensive explanations of the above can be found in the lam-rim literature.

Meditation starts at 9:33

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