57 Padmasambhava’s Instructions that point out Rigpa

01 May 2016

Alan begins by recalling Padmasambhava’s pointing out instructions presented earlier, stating that if one is extremely gifted, ripe, that could be sufficient to cut all the way through to rigpa, primordial consciousness. We are now going deep into vipashyana territory. Alan then comments on the practice we did earlier, which engages in the search of the mind with questions.

For the meditation Alan reads Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out instructions from Natural Liberation to identify awareness (rigpa).

After meditation, Alan gives a brief recap of Panchen Rinpoche’s text. We are now about to venture in the vipashyana methods as taught by the Gelug tradition, after having presented the insight practices found in Mahamudra. In the second part of his talk, Alan quotes a text he translated recently with the encouragement of HH the Dalai Lama, showing the interface between Mahamudra, Dzogchen and Madhyamaka which will be posted on the Retreat notes for today - the anthology will be published in the near future by Wisdom Publications.

Meditation starts at 33:08

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