08 May 2016

We started the session by going directly to the Panchen Lama’s text, as Alan revised an initial translation he had proposed for an earlier part of the text. After that update, we continued on that section of the text (stanza 29), which served as the basis for the meditation session, which was silent. The instructions were to rest initially in awareness of awareness, and then return to the investigation on the nature of our existence, using the 3 questions we had already posed: (i) how do we exist?, (ii) how do we appear? and (iii) how do we apprehend ourselves?

After the meditation, we returned to the later part of the text where we had left off, and Alan continued the oral transmission, now through stanzas 30 and 31ab. As previously discussed in this retreat, he added additional comments on (i) possible avenues of practice (contemplative vs philosophical / study routes) and (ii) different forms of investigation of the dependently arising nature of reality (namely the analysis of causes & conditions, components & parts and lastly, existence based upon conceptual designation).

Meditation is silent and not recorded.

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