85 “Non-meditation” & The Fivefold Practices

17 May 2016

Alan begins by saying that Panchen Rinpoche has made a magnificent job in bringing together these two great traditions of Gelug and Kagyu. Alan then comments that if we are operating from the perspective of a sentient being, it is going to take at least 3 countless eons to achieve awakening. But, if we realise emptiness with the very subtle mind (rigpa), not with the substrate consciousness, then we will be slipping into the 4th time - this is the warp drive. In this way we will proceed very rapidly along the stages and paths culminating in Buddhahood, even just in one single lifetime.

The meditation is on the closest approximation of resting in rigpa - “non-meditation”

After the meditation, Alan concludes the oral transmission of Panchen Rinpoche’s text with the final section on dedication. Then Alan goes back to the book “Naked Awareness” and he begins giving the oral transmission of Chapter 12, which synthesizes both “A Spacious Path to Freedom” and “Naked Awareness”.

Meditation starts at 19:30

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