87 A Parable with Pointing Out Instructions to Cut-Through to Rigpa

18 May 2016

Alan first reads and discusses two of the parables and commentary in Karma Chagme’s text “Naked Awareness” on page 88 of the orphan son, and page 89 of an old man losing his cord. He comments on realising the nature of one’s own mind right down to the ground – the in-dwelling mind of clear light, Dharmakaya, Buddha-nature. Then Alan comments on the different approaches found in the Gelug and Dzogchen traditions.

The meditation is a guided Avalokiteshvara practice based on Karma Chagme’s “Naked Awareness”.

Following meditation practice, Alan resumes the oral transmission of Karma Chagme’s text from page 264.

Meditation starts at 24:08

Note: tomorrow 19th May there will be only one lecture, in the morning, because Alan will give a public talk at the University of Pisa.

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