23 May 2016

Alan started the session with a guided meditation summarising all the practices we have done during this retreat, culminating in Dzogchen non-meditation. It is never too soon to begin the Dzogchen practice and on occasion try to rest in non-doing, non-meditation - says Alan. It is good to sow the seeds for future practice. The rest of the session is devoted to questions from participants, especially those who have not had their interviews with Alan. The questions asked concern: 1) Vipashyana meditation and whether one needs to always go through the entire sequence of not finding the mind, its colour, shape etc. 2) Further and more detailed instructions on lucid dreaming. 3) The possibility of collaboration with other yogic traditions and with scientists in the field of contemplative science.

The meditation is a combination of shamatha and vipashyana methods, culminating in resting in the best approximation of rigpa.

The meditation starts immediately.

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