[Bonus] A Followup to Thursday’s Nirvana/Rigpa Answer. A Jewel of a Lecture.

24 Apr 2010

It’s Sunday (for us!) and here is the bonus I promised!
After yesterday’s practice on Equanimity, Alan said he had to add a couple of “footnotes” to the question about Nirvana and Rigpa from two days ago. You can expect what follows: 30 minutes that capture you and just keep escalating and escalating into a pure jewel of a lecture. And I say escalating because as we approach the end of the podcast, well... just listen for yourself! I will (humbly) say from my opinion that listening to this is probably one of the best ways you can use 30 minutes of your life.
Several of my fellow Phuket Sanga members asked me to make sure that this recording was going to be available in the future, and with very good reason. We love this kind of stuff over here, so as Alan ocassionaly says after these kinds of talks “Hopefully that wasn’t a waste of time for you. It certainly wasn’t for us!”

Download (M4A / 14 MB)


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