81 Shamatha without a sign, part 4

12 Oct 2011

Reading from Vajra Essence regarding the difference between consciousness, substrate consciousness and Rigpa.
Meditation on awareness of awareness expanding out to all directions (26:30)
Questions (51:23)
How does the “naked” healing process of the mind by way of settling the mind happen with other shamatha methods?
How lasting or fleeting are the changes to the coarse and subtle bodies caused by altering the flow of prana through shamatha practice?
Person getting headaches from meditation – what suggestions to prevent it?
Question related to rigpa being necessary to explain extrasensory perception such as precognition and remote viewing
What is meant by the compassionate display of rigpa? Difficulty seeing rigpa as compassionate.
Question regarding how to move away from not liking oneself and feeling guilty over past unwholesome activities.

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