16 Oct 2013

From the substrate, which is in the nature of delusion, a stirring of karmic energies eventually leads to the full elaboration of conceptual designation, everything crystallising in its place with its defined borders. In this practice we are trying to roll this back by oscillating between inquiry (who is the agent) and relaxation. All actions performed out of a reified sense of I only perpetuate samsara even though they might be virtuous. For this not to be the case, actions must be grounded in reality. So as to not perpetuate samsara, this practice is battling the sense of I in the desire realm and dissolving to the substrate consciousness, where the I is dormant. Once the sense of I is dormant this naturally brings forth bliss and if we can release even that, then we break through to rigpa where all actions are spontaneous, unimpeded and effortless. Post meditation Alan talks relates the significance of Shamatha on the Śrāvakayāna paths.
Meditation starts at: (silent, front loaded at start of session to 19:40)

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