05 Aug 2015

Alan begins with the concept of intuition, a type of knowing which is difficult to define. It is unlike empirical knowledge with is based on observations and inferences from these observations. Alan discusses intuition as it relates to rigpa. Shamatha can train intuition by quietening and clearing the mind allowing intuition to come through.

The meditation is silent on the Mindfulness of Breathing.

Following the meditation Alan elaborates on the cultivation of compassion. An important step is the development of an I-It relationship to thoughts,emotions and images that arise. As Shantideva taught us, we should taunt the emotions and thoughts, dehumanise them and stand tall against them. Compassion arises from the awareness of suffering and sorrow. Is compassion the same as sorrow? Sorrow as an empathetic response is an emotion. However, compassion as an aspiration is not sorrowful. The compassionate aspiration “I shall liberate all sentient beings” has the effect of lifting us out of the veil and gloom of sorrow to the posibility of freedom. This gives great courage and conviction. Getting to the substrate consciousness is the half-way mark, the base camp. The real goal is rigpa from which great compassion arises.

Silent Meditation begins at 22:46 and is not recorded.

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