10 Part 1 of the First Uncommon Preliminary Practice: Guru Yoga

05 Aug 2015

Before the meditation Alan provides guidance on the mindfulness of breathing based on its natural rhythm. The central purpose of many of the advanced tantric practices is to bring the subtle energies into the central channel, to get our prana system into shape and achieve the mind of clear light. This is difficult within modernity due to our addiction to stimulation. The effortless route to untie the knots of the chakras is through mindfulness of breathing. The key to unblocking is to focus on the end the outbreath by being very still, silent and attentive at the very end point of exhalation. Alan suggests that we let the body breathe unimpeded in its natural rhythm.

Alan introduces the first uncommon preliminary by identifying two key elements of the Vajrayana. The first is some insight and understanding of emptiness of both self and phenomena. The second is an intuitive affirmation of the Dharmakaya, that the ground-state of our awareness is buddha nature. This has to be a “heart” understanding as there is no empirical evidence. Without these two elements it is not possible to practice the most secret level of guru yoga, seeing the guru as the Buddha. The true refuge is the Dharmakaya and guru yoga helps with this realisation. If this refuge doesn’t exist in our minds then it is better not to practice guru yoga. Reverence for the Buddha and teachings can still be achieved in degrees from seeing a teacher or guru as a spiritual friend or as an emissary (as in the Sutrayana). However, seeing the guru as a conduit and as the Buddha is true guru yoga and this requires the two elements. Blessing from the Dharmakaya will come from this.

Silent Meditation begins at 38:55 and is not recorded.

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