93 Dedication of Merit – Our Motivation and View

23 Sep 2015

The focus of the meditation is the dedication of our merits. This is relevant as we return to “ordinary” life at the conclusion of this retreat. Alan explains that from the Mahamudra and Dzogchen perspective, we seek to realise Dharmakaya from the ordinary consciousness of the present moment. Pristine awareness is to be found right in the present moment when there is no grasping; no hopes and fears. When we leave the retreat, how ordinary our lives become is dependent on our motivation and view. The key question is “what do we really want?” Our dedications reflect this question, which can either fuel samsaric desires or the path to enlightenment. We can bring the view and motivation into every moment and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Alan’s final point is that we choose which desires to follow and from the broad bandwidth of desires we need to decide which is the most important priority; which aspirations we will live by. The motivation to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings is very deep and authentic.

The meditation starts at 22:43

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