05 May 2016

Alan begins the session by frontloading the meditation, indicating what sort of inquiry we will find later when we return to the Panchen Lama’s text, by reflecting on three questions: (i) how do we exist?, (ii) how do we appear? and (iii) how do we apprehend ourselves? Before moving on to the actual meditation, Alan made some additional comments about the importance of, in our dharma path, actually gaining experiential realization in each section of the path, before moving on to the next one (as a way to prevent accumulating a lot of knowledge, but having no realization).

The guided meditation is on vipashyana, based on the three questions mentioned above.

After the meditation, Alan continues the oral transmission of the Panchen Lama text (Stanza 29), where we continue in vipashyana territory, exploring how do we actually exist.

Meditation starts at 27:40

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