[Bonus] A Sublime Explanation of Awareness of Awareness [Short]

B. Alan Wallace, 27 May 2010

I extracted this practical gem from this afternoon’s lecture. It is a clear example of how the instructions to a practice can be profoundly meaningful, stunning, transformative, and just utterly inspiring when given correctly by a sharply prepared, more than qualified, and immensely skilled teacher.

In this short episode, Alan sublimely describes the practice of Awareness of Awareness in response to a question from Malcolm, specifically focusing on resting in the pure luminosity and cognizance of experience. I really won’t contaminate this with my words, so I’ll just say it’s an absolutely must-listen for those who really enjoy the practice, for those with a few doubts about it, for those who don’t quite understand the practice, for those in between, and for everyone else.

That probably includes you!

Alan sometimes uses the example of “shafts of light” from the substrate filtering through all our grasping, and I think this picture gives some sort of an idea of what is left over when we just rest in the simplicity of awareness, revealing what always is and always has been there all along.

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