[Bonus] Explaining Mind and Brain: The mind exists, and it is something different than the brain.

B. Alan Wallace, 30 Apr 2010

In this podcast, B. Alan Wallace, Ph. D., answers a question involving having a friendly discussion about the relationship between mind and brain (don’t we all have those with our friends all the time?) and explains his point of view as well as refutes several typical arguments about the mind being either part of, the same thing, or an emergent property of the brain.

I won’t say more, listen for yourselves! This will probably clear up any doubts you have about the topic, and his points are rock-solid.

(And if you are like me you’ll probably take note for the next time you have this argument!)

Some quick further reading: http://www.alanwallace.org/Exploration%20of%20Consciousness.pdf

You can tell I liked that photo!

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