Equanimity: Bringing in the Sharp Wisdom (And a great juicy question on the 4I)

B. Alan Wallace, 08 May 2010

Wow, I have to say that we ended this cycle of meditations perfectly. We had a very valuable practice (although, what practice has not been very valuable?) on Equanimity paired with wisdom. We started with a short and sweet introduction, and then went straight into the meditation.

After the meditation we had two delicious juicy questions. The first question by Nick I took out because it’s perfect for a stand-alone bonus that I’ll send out tomorrow. It entails an explanation of the Four Immeasurables, their faux facsimiles, and how they balance out.

The question which I did not edit out was Ana Lorena’s, and she asked if it was possible to cultivate the Four Immeasurables without all the conceptualization and just bringing forth the aspirations. I won’t pollute the podcast anymore with my description, but if you trust me by now then I’ll tell you that it’s really worth a listen!

This beautiful photo was taken by Daniela at one of the local temples!

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