B. Alan Wallace, 12 Sep 2014

Very short podcast where Alan talks of his boundless enthusiasm for the teachings before entering into a silent meditation (not included in the podcast).

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Oh la so.

So you may have noticed that I have kind of boundless enthusiasm for these teachings in the Natural Liberation, I mean kind of like boundless, and sometimes the enthusiasm in teaching, that’s just giving the teachings themselves, I get a bit of carried away, like a fire hydrant once again, and that’s really not the best way to spend these eight weeks, you know, to overwhelm you with information, and I think I have a little bit, because if you listen to any of the podcasts, and I think many of you have, we have had much more time for discussion. But when I got into the role, it’s kind of like, you know I couldn’t help myself (laughs). I just find the material so incredibly inspiring. And when I find something really good, I want to share it. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction I think, a problem and addiction. So there it is.

So let’s just have a silent session. We’ll do the chanting. There will be a silent session, no guided meditation. You’ve heard so much guidance you probably have it coming out your ears by now. So just choose your own meditation – no need to record this – let’s just have quiet meditation. I’ll chant, we can chant together, and then quiet (audible inhalation and exhalation).

Transcribed by Anne Garvey

Revised by Rafael Carlos Giusti

Final Edition by Cheri Langston


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