Session 16: Empathetic Joy, Rejoicing in Happiness and Virtue

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

Alan leads a guided meditation on Empathetic Joy, the third of the Four Immeasurables. This is the practice of rejoicing in our and others’ happiness, kindness, and virtuous actions. This practice counteracts the self-centered attitude of “I win!” Instead, we feel joy due to the existence of all the good in the world. A question and answer session follows the meditation. Alan gives practical advice on meditation practice. A technical discussion is given on the integration of Shamatha and Bodhicitta practices with Mahamudra and Dzogchen. A conspiracy is revealed between musicians and elevator manufacturers to hide the true nature of our minds. Alan tells us what to expect from eight weeks of practice. The session ends with a motivational talk on how the path of Shamatha stops the spin cycle of Samsara.

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