Session 21: Back to the Infirmary

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

Here we go again! Alan turns the wheel of dharma from the beginning of the cycle emphasizing the great benefits of the infirmary practice and the supine position, which we can use to make a habit out of relaxing around everything and anything that comes up (yes, even bliss). With the understanding that all mental afflictions are carried over by the conceptual mind, we take every exhalation as an opportunity to silence the inner chatter. Quiet conceptual mind equals dormant mental afflictions, equals Shamatha. Thus Alan once again showed us how the beginning is the end. After a guided infirmary session Sean, who is directly involved with actualizing the PIA vision, kindly shared with us some of the details around the invitation of the King’s Brahmin to consecrate the building site. Today’s picture represents the Mind Centre Spirits House, which was built on that occasion as a gesture of courtesy and respect towards Thai traditions. Enjoy!

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