Session 31: Settling the Mind in the Space of the Mind

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

With this morning’s practice of Settling the Mind in its Natural State, we shift attention to the background of the events of the mind – the space of the mind. This space is none other than the substrate seen, as one views the moon on a cloudy night, through veils of afflictions.

Using a metaphor for this practice Alan asks why anyone would want to look at a blank screen on the TV when the third obscuration, laxity and dullness, is the habitual response. As Shamatha “always entails a flow of knowing,” the “beauty of the system” is that maintaining stability and vividness while attending to something as un-scintillating “is a great accomplishment.” To top it off, this practice is the best way to enter into lucid dreaming and relaxing the grip onto “I am”, especially “I am in charge.”

You won’t want to miss the rest of the discussion. Here’s a taste of the topics: life force (Srog lung [TIB], jīva [SAN]), “Just being dead and loving it,” Stephen Hawking’s new book - The Grand Design, and rainbow body. Finally, if the EU can support a $6 billion supercollider on the border of Switzerland and France, can the Buddhist community support a contemplative science laboratory?

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