Session 42: Loving Kindness and Going Against the Grain

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

In the prelude to this afternoon’s meditation, Alan reminds us that mainstream society is in a frenzy to consume the earth. We are categorized as consumers and told to get spending to stimulate the economy. In the thrust of modernity, one may consider himself special if he meditates 20 minutes a day. Are we devoting our time to what we value? In the meditation we expand on the resources that are not earth depleting or competitive. We tap into the internal, boundless resources of our Buddha nature to send loving kindness to ourselves and others. The Questions and Answer session was filled with practice oriented advice. Some of the topics: Overcoming eye strain, changing the object of meditation within a session, subliminal tapes (short cuts) and combining meditation and creative endeavors.

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