Session 64: Back to the Infirmary and the Pure Land of Tushita

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

Pressure in the head and headaches are not habits we should build while meditating. Therefore, this morning, Alan gave a detailed reminder of how this should be approached: back to Infirmary. This is by giving special attention to release all thoughts and tension during the out-breath and by focusing on the earth element (sensations of firmness and solidity).

The tension might come from the feeling of anxiety that there are only 2 ½ weeks left for the retreat to be over. So, Alan used an analogy on the deva land of Tushita in the desire realm and the Pure Land of Tushita as to be Phuket and the Mind Center respectively, in order for us to understand the different ways of looking at our reintroduction into the world once the retreat finishes.

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