Session 69: Loving-Kindness Practice Drawing From the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Traditions.

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

Alan starts by mentioning that within all physical and mental impermanence, what remains always constant is a person that wants to be happy, loved and smiled back to. The Bodhisattva is a friend of the world! You can practice without having to believe anything; from the Theravada tradition softly sending Loving-Kindness to all; from the Mahayana view expanding the Loving-Kindness until you feel responsible for alleviating the suffering of all beings or, from the Vajrayana tradition, generating yourself as Avalokiteshvara, breathing in all the blessings in the form of light coming from all the Buddhas of the three times and 10 directions, then generating a “super nova” wave of loving kindness that encompasses all mother sentient beings.

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