Session 81: Going Outward with Equanimity

B. Alan Wallace, 19 Nov 2010

Equanimity is understood as a sense of composure in engaging with life situations and persons as well as even heartedness. Is an attitude transformation that gives you freedom. Since you conceptually designate, you can change the designation and there lies the power to be totally present, engaged, without grasping. Fully alive, revolutionary! It’s possible since we never leap outside the space of our minds. We then meditated on Equanimity.
Suggested that we read the Patience or Fortitude chapter from Shantideva’s “Way of the Bodhisattva” for the occasions when you are mistreated. Be decent. Sprinkle kindness al around you. Wish well to strangers. That’s totally without attachment. There are no Buddhas without patience!.
Then Alan spoke on Dzogchen, the spirit of emergence, subjective experiences, the role of information and Prana.

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