33 Compassion focused on ubiquitous suffering

B. Alan Wallace, 15 Sep 2011

Last night’s discussion of pointing out instructions may have left some feeling hopeless as so many of the qualified teachers have died. Important to know that if receive authentic teachings that is enough don’t need the pointing out instructions. Referenced teachings on DVD from five years ago in which Yangthang Rinpoche said to rest in luminosity and emptiness and said don’t tell me you can’t do it. Discussion of the emptiness of the mind.

Meditation (43:26)
Meditate on compassion at the deepest level which is our essential vulnerability to suffering. Visualize your own suffering and the causes of suffering as darkness dissolving into the light orb at your heart. Then continue with the same meditation for others.

Questions (68:25)
1) You talked today about the emptiness of the mind. When I attend to the space of the mind it ripples like Jello.
2) In Dzogchen you talk about clarity and emptiness. How does that relate to the awareness of awareness meditation?
3) As you said, everything in the world we get we eventually loose. This is so obvious to understand intellectually but that is not enough; we must experience at a deeper level. Can you comment on that?
4) How does the subtle energy body exist? Is it mental energy or physical energy? Does your knowledge of physics help explain how it exists?

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