51 Settling the mind in its natural state, part 2

B. Alan Wallace, 24 Sep 2011

Alan starts by explaining the concept of rang dröl (self-liberation or natural liberation) in the context of shamatha practice. He then talks about the 5 obscurations and its antidotes, which are:

The five factors of stabilization remove the five obscurations
1. The factor of coarse examination removes the obscurations of laxity and dullness.
2. The factor of precise investigation removes the obscuration of uncertainty.
3. The factor of well-being removes the obscuration of malice.
4. The factor of bliss removes the obscurations of excitation and anxiety
5. The factor of single-pointed attention removes the obscuration of sensual craving.

Water similes of the five obscurations
1. Sensual craving is like water mixed with various colors.
2. Malice is like boiling water.
3. Laxity and dullness are like water covered over by moss.
4. Excitation and anxiety are like agitated water whipped by the wind.
5. Uncertainty is like turbid, muddy water.

Today we continue with the practice of settling the mind in its natural state, now focusing on both the objective as well as the subjective aspects of the foreground
Meditation starts at 44:33

Questions (69:17):

1) What does it mean to achieve shamatha in the water, air, earth, etc elements?
2) How does the physical world map to the model of the 3 levels of consciousness, as related to this morning’s talk?
3) Advice on what to do when one experiences waves of energy and a sense of “buzz” while practicing loving kindness
4) If one who has achieved shamatha but didn’t have time to proceed along the mundane or supramande paths…what should this person do in order to avoid losing it in his/her future lives?

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