54 Empathetic Joy, part 1

B. Alan Wallace, 27 Sep 2011

We come back to the cultivation of mediate, starting with oneself, but not an immutable self, a dependently arisen self.

Alan again comments on our way of evaluating our practice: “Meditation, what have you given me this week?” No, no, no!
All that comes up is a maturation of our karma

From the lo jong (mind training) teachings: everything that comes up, transmute it into fuel for the path.
“This happened. Others see it as poor you. I take it as a lesson to deepen my practice and wisdom.”
Become the alchemist of your life.

From the perspective of rigpa: with deep intuitive faith seeing all experiences arising as coming from Buddhas to help us become enlightened - we can have an ongoing flow of gratitude for this!
The one taste of felicity and adversity

Meditation starts at 14:21

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