85 Practicing after the retreat

B. Alan Wallace, 14 Oct 2011

For those of us returning to our ordinary lives, Alan suggests that we avail ourselves of all the shamatha practices depending on our body and mind at that moment. For those of us continuing in retreat, Alan suggests that we focus primarily on one practice and deepen that.

Non-guided meditation (7:18) on shamatha practice of our choice.

Questions (33:02)
Q1a) It takes one countless eon to achieve the Path of Seeing. Why not take the shravaka path of realizing selflessness and using that wisdom from the very start?
Q1b) Where are we after achieving shamatha and vipashyana?
Q2a) Please tell us about Sakya Dagmo-la
Q2b) What is Samantabhadra’s pure land of Akanishta?
Q3) Who are Alan’s 2 principal teachers?
Q4a) How can we practice shamatha during ngöndro?
Q4b) I haven’t had any success with lucid dreaming, so are there easier practices?
Q5) Please give advice on preparing for retreat.
Q6) In Settling the Mind, is there subtle preference in letting thoughts arise in free association?
Q7) Since dzogchen is less complex and possibly easier for realizing clear light mind, why did the New Translation Schools move away from this towards the stages of generation and completion practices?

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