06 Loving-Kindness in All Directions

B. Alan Wallace, 13 Apr 2011

In this afternoon session, Alan Wallace gives a 24-minute guided meditation on loving-kindness as it extends out in all directions: a wave of benevolence. He also describes the distinction between self-centeredness, or self-cherishing, and loving-kindness towards oneself. Finally, he touches on the importance of imagination while attending to the realm of possibility in addition to the realm of actuality.
During the question and answer period, Alan answers the following questions:
1. Is the substrate consciousness conditioned? Is it impermanent? What are its causes and conditions? Does an Arhat realize rigpa at the time of death, and if so, does that mean they attain Buddhahood?
2. What are pointing out instructions, and what is the distinction between different types of realization?
3. What is the source of sexual energy? How does one deal with sexual energy while in retreat?
4. What is the antidote for intoxication with hedonic pleasure?
5. What is the role of walking meditation in the practice of shamatha?

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