12 Compassion and the Suffering of Conditioned Existence

B. Alan Wallace, 16 Apr 2011

After a brief introduction, Alan Wallace guides us in a 24-minute meditation on compassion, focusing on the suffering of conditioned existence and our fundamental vulnerability to suffering.

During the following question and answer period, Alan answers the questions:

1. While watching the breath, where should the attention be – with the feeling and sensation of the breath, or with the observer who is watching the breath?

2. What is the power of thought in terms of the aspiration for all beings to be free from suffering during the meditation on compassion?

3. What is one-taste?

4. How do I know I am progressing with the practice of shamatha? Are there signs?

5. Why must the eyes be open during the practice of settling the mind in its natural state?

6. How do the five jhana factors arise – linearly, or more organically? When do they reach culmination?

7. How are ‘coarse examination’ and ‘precise investigation’ related to shamatha?

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