33 Awareness of Awareness: Inversion

B. Alan Wallace, 28 Apr 2011

This morning’s teaching is presented by Michelle Seaver, guest teacher and student of Alan Wallace, while Alan is out of town for 24 hours. Alan will return to his regular teaching schedule Saturday morning. Michelle Seaver attended one of the first 100-day shamatha retreats with Alan, continued on in a private 18-month retreat, and is now responsible for bringing mindfulness-based education to the Phuket International Academy School (currently K-8, with plans to be PreK-12).

The guided meditation is on awareness of awareness, focusing on the process of inverting awareness upon itself and then releasing this awareness into space.

Editor’s Note: The first 90 seconds of the guided meditation are missing due to a recording error. During this time, an emphasis was placed on settling the body in its natural state, allowing the breath to be uncontrived and relaxing in this state.

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