38 Cultivating Equanimity Towards All

B. Alan Wallace, 02 May 2011

In the initial guided meditation on equanimity, Alan Wallace encourages us to use wisdom to discern the difference between behavior and the person expressing that behavior.

The guided meditation begins at 12:50 in the recording.

During the following Q&A, Alan answers these questions from the group:

1. I’ve been wondering about Buddha Maitreya. You said he would be the 5th Buddha in this cycle of Buddhas, and you also mentioned 13 other Buddhas the other day. Why don’t they count?

2. Can you clarify the experience of resting in the space of the mind versus resting in awareness? In my own experience, they are very similar.

3. Buddha Shakyamuni was a very educated person, yet he did not write any books or other writings. Why?

4. In “The Attention Revolution”, you lay out a suggestion for using the three methods in terms of progressing through the different stages. Would it be fair to call that a theory, and how have people in retreat used that method?

5. What does “o lasso” mean?

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