25 - Severing the root of dualistic grasping

B. Alan Wallace, 19 Jun 2019

Lama Alan starts by commenting on how in the small stage of the first yoga, mind wandering can still occur in between sessions. In the same way, in the second yoga the tendencies of reification can still occur in between sessions.

He also comments on the sensitivity one develops as one progresses on the path. The same mental affliction that can seem harmless for an ordinary being would be unbearable for an arya bodhisattva. We don’t even have an English word for the term klesha, and most popular translations fail to properly represent the term.

After the meditation Lama comments on the implications of realizing the emptiness of this sense of “I am”. If one severs the root of dualistic grasping, in between sessions mental afflictions become like a chicken with its head cut off, they have a very short longevity.

We then move on to the texts:

The Four Yogas of Mahamudra

  • Yoga of Freedom from Conceptual Elaborations
    • Medium stage
    • Great stage

Twelve Stages of the Four Yogas of Mahamudra:

  • Yoga free of elaboration
    • Medium stage
    • Great stage


Vipashyana: Origin, location and destination of the mind that is observing.

Meditation starts at 10:45

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