3 - Cultivating relaxation without losing the clarity with which you began

B. Alan Wallace, 15 Jun 2019

We start with a preamble to the next meditation, with more comments from Lama Alan on the practice of mindfulness of breathing. We’ll be covering 3 different interpretations of the Buddha’s teachings on this practice.

After the meditation we start going over the “The Four Yogas of Mahamudra” text, beginning with the first yoga: The Yoga of Single-pointedness (Rangjung Dorje’s Great Instructions). Lama comments on the union of shamatha and vipashyana, and how this is the essence of buddhist meditation.

We then move on to the “Core Meditations on the Path of Mahamudra”:

  • Śamatha
    • Mindfulness of breathing
      • The Primary Tantra of Manjushri
      • The Perfection of Wisdom Sutra in Ten Thousand Stanzas
      • The Sutra of the Ten Wheels of Ksitigarbha


Shamatha: Mindfulness of breathing based on Asanga’s method

Meditation starts at 6:09

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