B. Alan Wallace, 21 Jun 2019

Lama Alan begins by explaining the logistics for the last session. We first finish with the last yoga, followed by our last meditation session, and finally Lama Alan offers refuge vows for those drawn to it.

But before that we first cover the synopsis we were missing from the previous sessions, along with Lama’s commentary:

Twelve Stages of the Four Yogas of Mahamudra

  • The yoga of one taste
    • Great stage

We then move on to cover the last of the 4 yogas:

The Four Yogas of Mahamudra

  • Yoga of Non-Meditation

Twelve Stages of the Four Yogas of Mahamudra:

  • The yoga of Non-Meditation

We end with our final meditation session, which also serves as our dedication for the retreat.


Loving kindness: Fourfold vision quest

Meditation starts at 1:20:14

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