Eva Natanya, 06 May 2020

Today we go directly to meditation, it is the complete Guru Yoga practice, drawing from A Treasure House of Blessings and Spiritual Attainments.

Eva (Yangchen) then goes back to the text, at the point of the visualization in which Padmasambhava’s presence becomes manifest, together with the mandala of vidyādhara gurus. She details the sacred images surrounding the central figure, and the emanating rays of light. Yangchen elaborates on the ‘places’ from which the enlightened beings attend to us, and instantaneously manifest. We are in the presence of the Treasure House now, the mandala of Guru Rinpoche.

Eva turns to the recitation that follows, and explains where Cāmara is in the Mount Meru map. She clears out different approaches to visualizing the manifestations. One approach is to see them as if responding to our call, coming from somewhere else; this is to be done if there is the slightest doubt that they are already here and now. If one is certain of their presence, one takes on the second approach; here, there is no need to elaborate on the visualization of the dharmakāya beings traveling through space.

She further quotes from a sutra, which talks about the presence of the Buddha, as soon as we bring the Buddha to mind. Yangchen talks about the nature of the tears of devotion, which are a manifestation of the naked supplication, deep within our heart. She ends the session by commenting on the essence of the prayer of supplication.

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