Eva Natanya, 25 May 2020

Eva (Yangchen) begins today’s session by commenting that we will go into the brief recitation of preliminaries, with simplified visualizations, but doing it as profound as possible. She then talks about the prayer composed by Khandro-la that we will receive, which is related to the current situation in the world. Yangchen specifies that this particular prayer is available for us to share. Moreover, we will receive a file called “Prayers of Infinite Light”, which is a series of short prayers by Düdjom Lingpa, related to the treasure revelation “From the Matrix of Pure Appearances and Primordial Consciousness”. Within it, there is a brief recitation for Chod practice, and Eva gives suggestions on how to approach this.

Meditation starts at 7:25 and it is a transmission of the brief preliminary practices in Tibetan, with English translation and commentary. Yangchen added also some of the Prayers of Infinite Light, related to Chod and dedication. After meditation Yangchen goes onto the longer text, The Chariot of Liberation. She picks up right after the Guru Yoga, into the instructions for everyday practices. They instruct on food offering, clothes offering, sleep yoga, and the dying process. She concludes with the comments of the importance of Guru Yoga in the Vajrayana path, and with the dedication prayers on the text.

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