12 Settling the Mind in its Natural State

09 Sep 2013

Alan explains how the natural state differs from the habitual state of mind. This practice “melts the ice” of our habitually configured consciousness to get to the substrate consciousness. To assist us to find the object - the space of the mind - we use a process of elimination.

Question: Do we accumulate Karma when dreaming?
Alan explains the four characteristics of full karma (intention, preparation, performance and completion) and the four remedial powers (remorse, turning away, reliance and applying the antidote).

In the Seven Point Mind Training text we move on from the preliminaries with the line: “Once stability is achieved, let the mystery be revealed”. Here the mystery is the Nature of Mind and the stability refers to both our motivation and attention.

To finish Alan answers the question: Why don’t we have western meditation Heros as exist within other Buddhist traditions?

Meditation starts at: 09:24

Note: We had two minor problems with the microphone causing a short interruption which you might notice.

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